Catholic School REVERSES Expulsion Of Girl Who Was Absent Because Of CANCER

Catholic School REVERSES Expulsion Of Girl Who Was Absent Because Of CANCER


Officials at a Catholic middle school in Battle Creek, Mich. have now decided it would be world-historically lousy to expel a 12-year-old girl who had too many absences because she was busy fighting acute lymphoblastic leukemia — cancer of the blood cells.

The seventh-grade girl, Rose McGrath, has fought the disease for two years. In late 2014, she began a slow, still-ongoing recovery process.

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Then, earlier this month, the Battle Creek Area Catholic Schools, which McGrath has attended all her life, informed the McGrath family that Rose could no longer attend St. Joseph Middle School.

McGrath’s parents had been very unhappy about the expulsion.

“It’s not like she’s out at the mall having fun. She’s in her bed, sick with nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain,” mad mother Barbara McGrath said. “She’d be at school if she could.”

After a nasty bout of national and even international publicity, Rev. John Fleckenstein, pastor administrator of the Battle Creek Area Catholic Schools, has announced a change of heart.

“After much consideration and prayer, and in consultation with Mrs. Marcy Arnson, principal of Saint Joseph’s, we have decided to invite seventh grader Rose McGrath to return to our school as soon as possible,” Fleckenstein said in a statement sent to The Daily Caller by the Diocese of Kalamazoo. More

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