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CAUGHT ON VIDEO ➠ Muslim Brutally Beats Gay Couple In NY Restaurant

VIDEO: Muslim Brutally Beats Gay Couple in NY Restaurant

In the notoriously leftwing media, Muslim trumps gay. Surprised? Don’t be. In numerous Muslim on gay crimes in uber-left Seattle and America’s gay capital San Francisco, when Muslims attack gays, the media and the law enforcement protect – the Muslims. Their ideology, their motive is never questioned, analyzed or spoken of.

Cases in point:  San Francisco District Attorney and the San Francisco media of covering up a string of gay beatings by a Muslim gang.  Gays were videotaped being shot in the face and the priority of the DA was to hush up the crimes and strong arm the media into not reporting it.

In Seattle Ali Muhammad Brown was charged with executing two gay men. Brown was previously prosecuted federally following an FBI probe into an Islamic group suspected of supporting jihadists overseas. But his religion, his motive, was carefully scrubbed from news reports.

A gay nightclub doused in gasoline and set ablaze on New Year’s eve by a devout Muslim. His religion, his motive was carefully scrubbed from the media and law enforcement reports.

This report too negates the motive, the root of his hate. Islam.

Police say Bayna El-Amin is the man responsible for bashing a gay man over the head with a chair at the Dallas BBQ in Chelsea earlier this month. I wonder if they were eating pork. That really would have sent him into rage-boy piety. More

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