Caught on video ➠ Race-baiters pick fight with cop in Wal-Mart ➠ ‘Let’s use Mike Brown!’


Caught on video: Race-baiters pick fight with cop in Wal-Mart; ‘Let’s use Mike Brown!’

A group of young black men were captured on video exploiting the death of Michael Brown while trying to provoke a scene with a police officer inside a Florida Wal-Mart store.


“Let’s use Mike Brown,” one of the young men said, as the officer ordered them to leave the store.

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Adding to the outrage of using the name of a man whose death has become a byword for lawless violence after last fall’s riots in Ferguson, Mo., the incident was apparently being recorded by one of the group — hoping to catch the officer making a mistake, no doubt.


MTO SHOCK VIDEO: Walmart CALLS POLICE On Black Men Shopping . . One Man Was ARRESTED . . . Because Officer Says He ‘Shopped Too Slowly’!! (This MUST Stop – #BlackLivesMatter#) – FULL STORY –

Posted by Mediatakeout on Friday, June 12, 2015

Other than some inappropriate language, the lone female officer displayed the patience of a saint as she was repeatedly disrespected, even though she was surrounded by 4-5 young males. More

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