CBS Prods Kids Into Bashing Trump… But Praise Muslims

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Chip Reid sat down with six fifth graders Tuesday for a CBS This Morning segment to talk to them about how they feel about the the upcoming presidential election. More to the point, Reid set it up perfectly to give the kids a chance to bash Donald Trump and prod them to say nice things about Muslims.

Reid explained that these children have been holding mock debates of their own at their Virginia charter school, but suggested that they are being way more civil about it than the adults they’ve seen on TV. But instead of asking them how their debates are going, the segment quickly turned against Trump.

Reid asked leading questions:

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Are you tired of them being mean to each other?

Are you tired of them talking over each other?

Are you tired of them making fun of each other?

The answers from the children to each were a resounding, “Yes.” This led him to ask who they believe started it all.

“Donald Trump,” they said, as Reid laughed along in approval.

Reid used the moment as a springboard to tell the kids, “Donald Trump has said one way to deal with terrorism is just keep all Muslims out of the country.”

“Not all Muslims are bad,” one child, Max, said over a clutter of chatter.

“Say that again, Max?” Reid prompted. And Max did. Another boy added, “Some Muslims are probably super nice.”

As the conversation shifted to the other candidates, one girl said she wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton because she isn’t sure that “all the women’s rights issues [would be]solved” if she were elected. Another girl believes it’s time for a woman president but isn’t convinced that Clinton would be the one for the job.

When it comes to  Bernie Sanders, some liked him and others thought he doesn’t do a good job answering questions.

As the segment closed, those in the CBS studio, Gayle King, Norah O’Donnell, and Charlie Rose, praised the children, with Rose saying, ” It makes me wish I had like four of them, you know everyday at breakfast? Their authenticity and their truth-telling.”

Newsbusters has the video:

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