CBS News Questions Was The Steve Scalise Shooting ‘To Some Degree Self-Inflicted’? (Video)

Of course, it was foreseeable. The NYT ran an article in April detailing where, when and how the baseball practice was and how much security would be present.

Why hasn’t CBS mentioned the beckoning of the Democrat VP nominee calling for violence in the streets, or the Democrat AG Lynch calling for Blood in the streets, or Obama stating “If they bring a knife, you bring a gun”? Scott Pelley, like most of the MSM, is as guilty as anyone for pushing the Liberal agenda of violence. 

WZ: Self-inflicted? Yup, attack by a leftist after constant never-ending demonizing of GOP by celebrities, media, and politicians, claiming they’re an existential threat. But it’s Scalise’s fault because he disagrees on policy with liberals. Stay classy, CBS.

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