Cell Phone Video Shows Gang Of Black Teens Brutally Attack White Baltimore Man ➠ Neighbor Says It Was Racial Attack!



Neighbor Of 61 Yr Old White Man Beaten By Dozens Of Black Teens From Baltimore: It Was Racial Attack

This was only one in a string of incidents caused by the black Baltimore students passing through the area.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISgKHwEIQ3w&w=760&h=515]

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Via Daily Caller:

The neighbor of a 61-year-old Dundalk, Md. man who was brutally beaten by dozens of teenagers last month says he believes the attack was racially motivated.


Richard Fletcher was attacked by nearly 50 teens in broad daylight on April 22, after he intervened when two girls began fighting on his truck. Dundalk sits on the edge of Baltimore, and many of the teenagers are believed to be students at Baltimore Community High School.


The gruesome beating left Fletcher with extensive injuries and a medical bill expected to exceed $200,000. He suffered broken eye sockets, a broken nose, broken ribs and bleeding on the brain.


New cell phone video of the attack shows dozens of teens kicking, punching, and stomping Fletcher as he lay motionless in the middle of the street.


Joe Lamb, who owns a business near Fletcher and says he saw the attack, told The Daily Caller he believes that race was a factor in the beating.


Fletcher is white while his attackers are black.


Lamb said that the attack was “definitely a race thing” and that he has witnessed other incidents of black students targeting whites in the neighborhood. More

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