CEO Says He Advertises On FOX News Because Their Viewers Are “Gullible” & “F*cking Idiots”

He just took the thousands and thousands of dollars he spent on Fox News and flushed them directly down the toilet by insulting all their viewers… Just how stupid was he to voice his opinion about paying customers like this on social media? The internet NEVER forgets!

Scott Jordan is the founder and CEO of SCOTTeVEST. The company advertises their products on FOX News.

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On Sunday Scott Jordan decided to attack his customers on FacebookScott said he advertised on FOX News because the viewers are gullible and ‘f*cking idiots.”


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For some reason, Scott thought it would be a good move to call his customers “f*cking idiots.”

After a moment of clarity, Scott took down the post and put up an apology. The apology was posted on Tuesday! Read more at TGP.

Independent Journal Review reached out to Jordan via Facebook and also at his company. We did not hear back from him personally before publication, but Scottevest Director of Communications Luke Lappala emailed IJR:

The recent offensive and inexcusable social media post by Scott Jordan does not reflect the views of SCOTTeVEST. In 2017, Mr. Jordan stepped down from the management of SCOTTeVEST and he is not involved in our daily operations.

We are extremely sorry for his unacceptable comments. Mr. Jordan’s post was impulsive and inappropriate for too many reasons to list and rightfully offended so many people.

We strongly disagree with the views expressed by Mr. Jordan. Read more IRJ.

He advertises on Fox News because their viewers actually have a job and some discretionary income. Who’s he trying to fool?

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