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Chainsaw-Wielding Man Threatens Family In Scary Road Rage Incident

Chainsaw-Wielding Man Threatens Family in Scary Road Rage Incident

Chainsaw-Wielding Man Threatens Family in Scary Road Rage Incident

A disturbing case of road rage was caught on camera in Montreal, Canada, as a man with a chainsaw terrorized a family in their car.

Karine Cyr, who was traveling with her husband and two children, said the driver cut them off and was driving erratically. Her husband followed the vehicle to get the license plate number and give police the man’s destination.

When they ended up on a dead-end road, they blocked the man’s vehicle from leaving.

The driver then exited his minivan and threatened the family with a running chainsaw.

Cyr recorded the scary confrontation with her cell phone and posted it on her Facebook page.

The video shows the man threateningly revving the chainsaw as Cyr’s children scream.

Cyr said the man eventually returned to his vehicle and accelerated, forcing her husband to move their car quickly in order to avoid being hit.

A 37-year-old man has been arrested. He faces charges of armed aggression.

Watch video of the terrifying incident below.

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