Charles Krauthammer On Data Breach ➠ U.S.Needs To Be ‘Aggressive’ With China

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Charles Krauthammer on Data Breach: U.S.Needs to Be ‘Aggressive’ With China

On “Special Report” Charles Krauthammer reacted to the report that the Office of Personnel Management was hit by a massive data breach.

The Obama administration confirmed Tuesday that at least four million current and former federal employees’ personal data has been compromised.

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The agency conducts more than 90 percent of federal background checks for the federal government.

Fox News reported:

The Department for Homeland Security concluded at the beginning of May that data at the Office of Personnel Management and the Interior Department had been compromised.


A well-placed intelligence source told Fox News that names, addresses and social security information were compromised, and that the breach involved an “advanced persistent threat” designed to harvest information covertly without crippling systems.


The Wall Street Journal reported that U.S. officials believe the hack originated in China, which would make the incident the second major breach from the Chinese in less than a year. Sources told Fox News that the investigators were considering the possibility the attack was linked to another attack in October involving the White House.

Krauthammer said that China is “getting no pushback.”

“It looks as if the technology for hacking sort of exceeds the defense of technologies in this kind of arms race,” he said. “I think the thing to do is be extremely aggressive and to go on the offense. Our defense is obviously inadequate.” More

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