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Charles Krauthammer Reacts To Baltimore Riots ➠ ‘A Total Failure Of Leadership’

Charles Krauthammer Reacts To Baltimore Riots ➠ 'A Total Failure Of Leadership'

‘A Total Failure of Leadership’: Charles Krauthammer Reacts to Baltimore Riots

On “Special Report,” Charles Krauthammer reacted to the violent protests in Baltimore, calling out the city’s leaders.

“There’s a total failure of leadership here,” Krauthammer said. “People can look at the scenes and they know that there’s a city out of control on the ground. But it’s also out of control at the level of governance.”

Krauthammer said that the governor, mayor and police chief have to be out there speaking to citizens, even if there is not a lot of new information.

“You have to assure people you know what’s going on [and]you have a plan,” Krauthammer said. “You don’t need a Yeltsin on a tank. You don’t need a Giuliani on the streets of New York for 9/11. You need somebody who gives a sense of control.”

“There is a blackout of news. They’ve announced nothing. Everything is speculative,” Krauthammer said, adding that Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake’s comments about giving the protesters space to destroy only aggravated the situation.

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