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Charles Krauthammer On Iran Nuclear Deal ➠ ‘THIS IS QUITE INSANE’


Charles Krauthammer reacted on “Special Report” to the nuclear agreement with Iran, stating that “this is quite insane.”

He stated that even skeptics of the deal were “shocked by the degree of the capitulation.”

Krauthammer asserted that “a farce” of the whole inspection process is made by giving Iran up to 24 days to grant permission to international inspectors.

He added that lifting the embargo on ballistic missiles and conventional arms is even worse, because Iran is going to use the billions of dollars they’re going to get to provide weapons to all of their allies around the region.

“They are now going to be able to acquire the most sophisticated land-to-ship missiles to deny us, not our allies, the U.S. Navy, control of the Persian Gulf … which we have had for half a century,” Krauthammer said. “This is quite insane.”

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