Charlie Daniels ➠ America Needs To “Lock And Load” To Defend Itself Against Radical Islamists

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“It’s Going To Take Decades To Overcome What Obama Has Done To America”


Grammy Award-winning country artist Charlie Daniels made it clear that he wasn’t just whistling “Dixie” when said America needs to “lock and load” to defend itself against radical Islamists.

He doubled down Friday in a Newsmax TV interview with “Hard Line” host Ed Berliner, saying America is “faced with a situation that is not going to go away.”

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“No amount of placating, no amount of, whatever, bended over backwards, whatever is done, is going to satisfy the people who want to destroy us,” he told Berliner. “They are here and motivated by forces that are beyond our control. These people want to kill us.”

Daniels posted his original “lock and load” comment on his website after Islamic extremists attacked a “Draw Muhammad” cartoon contest sponsored by activist Pamela Geller in Garland, Texas. More



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