Charlie Sheen ➠ Americans ‘Deserve Better’ From Obama

Charlie Sheen ➠  Americans 'Deserve Better' From Obama

Charlie Sheen: Americans “Deserve Better” From Obama


Even Charlie Sheen sees that Obama is throwing U.S. under the bus.

Via The Hill:

Charlie Sheen is continuing to blast President Obama, saying Americans “deserve better” from the commander in chief.

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In what’s become an annual tradition, Obama released his bracket for the NCAA tournament earlier this week. Sheen, the ex-star of “Two and a Half Men,” had lambasted Obama for the men’s basketball bracket in a Thursday tweet.


“I don’t care about the picks,” Sheen told in video posted Friday. “When the world is in the state it’s in right now — it just makes me insane. It’s not cool. It’s not fair to the families and to who we are as a republic.”


On Thursday Sheen had tweeted to his more than 11 million followers:



“It’s not fair and we deserve better from our president,” the 49-year-old actor said in TMZ’s video, “and I demand it.”

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