Chelsea Applauds #MeToo, But Has No Issue Taking Weinstein’s Money

A respectable “journalist” would have challenged Chelsea Clinton on the disgusting behavior of her father. As usual, the irony is completely lost on liberals.

Chelsea applauded the #MeToo movement while promoting her new children’s book during an appearance on “Good Morning America.” However, Clinton’s family foundation has a history of accepting money from people and countries that have a long, long history of abusing women.


ABC’s Robin Roberts asked Clinton about her thoughts on what the #MeToo movement and “Time’s Up” mean to her.

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“Well, it means to me, looking at the girls sitting in front of us, that hopefully, they are never going to have to have that moment. Because hopefully their voices are going to be so valued and listened to,” she said.

The Clinton Foundation, of which the younger Clinton is a board member, has refused to return up to $250,000 in donations from the accused rapist and serial sexual assaulter Harvey Weinstein.

The accusations from dozens of women against Weinstein are what sparked the #MeToo movement, which has spread across the world.

The Daily Mail in October attempted to ask Clinton about the Weinstein donations, but she “fled to her car to avoid answering questions.”

A spokesman for the Clinton Foundation said that the organization had already spent the money on its programs. Read more at NTK.

Here is the transcript:

ROBIN ROBERTS: March is Women’s History Month and we are celebrating barrier-breakers all around the globe. Former First Daughter and busy mother of two, Chelsea Clinton, is here. Her new children’s book – [Cheers and applause]

CHELSEA CLINTON: Thank you, thank you.

ROBERTS: Her new book, She Persisted Around the World, features 13 incredible women’s stories. I love that, there was no applause sign, that came from the heart from the people here.

CLINTON: Oh, thank you, Robin.

ROBERTS: Always good to see you, Chelsea.

CLINTON: Thank you, I’m so happy to be here – to be here with you. My first interview since the book came out today. And just to share these remarkable stories of 13 women who have changed the world for the better for all of the children you see today.


ROBERTS: I know that you said after the election that your mother had some extra time and she was really enjoying being a grandmother and spending time. How is she doing?

CLINTON: She’s great. Aiden calls her Gaga. He can’t quite get grandmother yet. And it’s just so meaningful for me to watch the relationship that my children are developing with my mother because I was so close to my grandmother. And I’m just really thankful that they have that time.

ROBERTS: Who you dedicate the book to, Dorothy.

CLINTON: I dedicate the book to, yes.

ROBERTS: You’re mother, great advocate for women and girls. You have been the same way, Chelsea. And seeing this Me Too movement and Time’s up, what does this past year mean to you?

CLINTON: Well, it means to me that the girls sitting in front of us that hopefully they’re never going to have to have that moment.

ROBERTS: Yeah. [Applause]

CLINTON: Because hopefully their voices are gonna be so valued and listened to. [Applause]

ROBERTS: Well, you want to hear from them?


ROBERTS: Okay. I mean, I was tough, but they can be really tough.

CLINTON: I’m ready.

ROBERTS: Okay, where’s Damiana? Damiana? Damiana, where are you?

DAMIANA: Right here.

ROBERTS: Over here?

CLINTON: Oh, right there, with the stars.

ROBERTS: Oh, I know this one. Uh-oh. What’s your question?

DAMIANA: Can you share a story about how you didn’t take no for an answer?

CLINTON: Well, that is a great question. [Applause] That is a great question. I will say, I’m really lucky to always have had parents and my grandmother who always told me that everything just should be yes.

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