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Chicago Mayor Trots Out Tired Liberal Argument ➠ Sheriff SCHOOLS Him In Minutes ➠ Video

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Watch: Chicago Mayor Trots Out Tired Liberal Argument, Sheriff SCHOOLS Him In Minutes

Shocking Memorial Day weekend violence hit three big American cities like a ton of bullets — all three crime centers under the political control of far-left politicians. Baltimore, New York City, and Chicago saw a shocking number of shootings and killings at a time when America was honoring her war dead — the Windy City alone recorded a dozen deaths from gunfire, including that of a four-year-old girl.

While none of the reported shootings in Chicago were attributed to police or to law-abiding citizens, the city’s mayor, Rahm Emanuel, nonetheless said what White House spokesman Josh Earnest said about the deadly gunfire in Baltimore over the long weekend — more gun control laws are needed to stop the violence.

As writer Brian Carey pointed out in a post on Downtrend, “As every conservative knows, Chicago already has strict gun control laws. As every conservative also knows, those laws don’t seem to be preventing violent crime in that city.” More


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