CHILLING INTERVIEW ➠ American Woman Leaves Islam ➠ Forced Into Hiding ➠ Exposes Dark Truth

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CHILLING INTERVIEW: American Woman Leaves Islam, Forced Into Hiding

From Steven Crowder: This week on “Louder With Crowder” we were gifted with a chilling interview, in which a woman shares her journey as she leaves Islam. We were joined by “Q”. An anonymous woman who is currently in the process of converting from Islam to Christianity, and is actively trying to separate from her Muslim husband. She has been forced into semi-hiding, and to protect her and her children we have done our best to keep her anonymous. She spoke from personal experience, but made some shocking claims regarding Islam, Islamic marriage, common occurrence in abuse of women and terrorism. Some of them sounded unbelievable… so we did our research. Turns out her claims are well verified and all within the realm of not only possibility, but likelihood. Watch the video, and check out the sources below.

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Saying Divorce 3 times is all it takes for a man to divorce in Islam.

Most Islamic Marriages Are Not Legally Recognized (75% not legal in UK)

Woman not allowed to initiate divorce under Islam.

Abuse Toward Women In Islamic Marriage

“Mainstream” Muslims Supporting ISIS or Terrorist Groups (80% of London Muslims support ISIS)

Polygamy in Islam Being Common

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