CHILLING Video: Islam Will Rule The World In Just 20 Years & Says We Can’t Stop It

Mullah Krekar, whose real name is Najmaddin Faraj.png

Mullah Krekar, whose real name is Najmaddin Faraj

Islamic refugee Mullah Krekar, whose real name is Najmaddin Faraj, gave an intense interview which is opening the eyes of many in America. Krekar explains the rights Muslims have to kill anyone who burns a Quran or murder those who the Quran says it is lawful to kill. Even more chilling, he explains why Islam will rule the world in just 20 years, and why it can’t be stopped. This interview contradicts all of President Obama’s statements that the West has nothing to fear from the “religion of peace.”

What’s important and shocking about this video is Krekar’s candor. Usually radicalized Muslims lie about everything when it pertains to Islam and the prescriptions written in the Quran. Krekar clears up the myths and states Islam is not like the Bible. He goes on to explain Islam is a political and a religious system, and Islam will rule the world in 20 to 25 years through the Caliphate.


Krekar is in exile in Norway, as a refugee. Krekar was one of the founders of the Kurdish group Ansar al-Islam and fled to Norway to escape persecution. Reports confirm Krekar most likely will be returning to Iraq, although he could be facing reprisals from each side of the factions he was fighting against.

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Morten Orsal Johansen, party spokesman for immigration matters, told NTB, “We have just passed a new law. The law states that people who are a threat to the country must be arrested. Therefore, Krekar should be in prison.” [via United Press International]

Fed up with the Muslim refugees and the violence they have been causing, Norway is waking up to reality. Krekar’s welcome has been replaced with a prison order. No wonder he is leaving for Iraq, where he may be killed by his enemies against his Kurdish faction.


Krekar gives us a view of the true vision of Islam, as it was seen and dictated by Muhammad. Krekar makes it clear that Muslims are under Islam as their political system, whether they live in the Middle East or are refugees seeking asylum elsewhere.

Islam’s true teachings have been covered up by politicians like Barack Obama. Where are the outcries by these “moderate Muslims” in the aftermath of terrorist attacks? They are difficult to produce.

What we do know is there are those Muslims, like Krekar, who stick to the every word the Quran teaches and have no problem carrying out death sentences for anyone who stands in the way of those teachings.

Democracy in the European way is not possible in the Arab countries, he said. Arab countries can only be controlled in the Islamic way. We think democracy is like a plastic banana — you cannot eat it. [via United Press International]

Krekar’s interview should be seen by the bleeding heart Democrats who want to shelter millions of Muslim refugees here in America. More

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