Christian Choir With Some Gay Members Sings Outside #MemoriesPizza To Stop The Madness


Christian Choir With Some Gay Members Sings Outside #MemoriesPizza To Stop The Madness

Yes, diversity was supposed to be about allowing each person the right to his/her own beliefs.


They call it a message of love.


A choir from South Bend called The Ripple Effect got together to sing songs outside Memories Pizza in Walkerton.


Owners of the pizzeria responded to questions about Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration law which quickly became a national story.


The Ripple Effect is a Christian choir and some of the singers are gay. Members say the issue in Walkerton is tearing people apart. So, they wanted to do something to try and fix it.


“Let There be Peace on Earth” and “Jesus Loves Me.” Those were just two of the songs The Ripple Effect sang.


Sherry Klinedinst is the choir’s director and she says, “Being a musician the best way to help is through the healing power of music.”


Klinedinst is from Walkerton. She says Facebook is filled with people on both sides of the debate and it’s creating a division. More

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