Christian DJ Refuses To Be Bullied After Turning Down Gay Birthday Party


Michael Lampiris, left and Tom Tsakounis, right, are embroiled in a dispute over Deejay services. Photo credits: and

A Christian deejay is defending himself and his faith after coming under fire for refusing to perform at a gay man’s birthday party.

Michael Lampiris, co-owner of Ultrasound Deejays in Maryland, told The Washington Post he got a call from Dani Tsakounis, who was helping her brother hire a deejay for his gay roommate’s 60th birthday party.

Tsakounis mentioned that her brother is married to another man, that the roommate is his former lover and that they all live together.

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“I just said, ‘We won’t be able to do it. We’re a Christian organization, and it would go against our faith. I’m sorry,’” Lampiris told The Post.

Tom Tsakounis, 46, was so angered when his sister informed him of Lampiris’ refusal that he filed a complaint with Montgomery County Human Rights Commission, The Post reported.

Tsakounis said he has never been denied service based on his sexuality and was stunned that such an offense would be allowed in a liberal county like Montgomery.

Lampiris, 54, was equally surprised by the hubbub, but for a different reason.

He told The Post he never heard of the Maryland state law that forbids discrimination in public accommodation businesses like deejay services.

Ultrasound Deejays has a written company policy that explicitly says it “will not be involved in any event involving homosexual celebration or activity. We follow biblical morality,” according to The Post. More

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