Chuck & Nancy Deep-Six Coronavirus Emergency Economic Bailout Vote

Chuck & Nancy deep-six coronavirus emergency economic bailout vote for partisan reasons.

Senate Democrats blocked a GOP-backed $1.3 trillion coronavirus rescue package late Sunday as five Republicans watched helplessly from self-quarantine, prompting U.S. stock futures to dive and sowing fresh doubt the parties can forge an agreement as the nation descends into economic disaster.


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All the gains made by a rare show of non-partisan solution-based talks between Democrats and Republicans in the Senate suddenly fell apart when Nancy and Chuck threw a wrench in the works.

A deal that neither side was happy with, but both sides could tolerate was cobbled together to get help out of the door and out to the people who really need it — to the people and businesses being jackhammered by the enforced work stoppage.

It’s not as though Democrats didn’t get some of their favorite objectives represented. Unemployment benefits have been sharply raised, for instance.

Ranking members from both parties worked together. They were ready to vote cloture so they could fast-track this process so that businesses will know if they can keep their employees despite the crisis, or if they need to start handing out pink slips. More

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