Chuck Todd Hammers Harry Reid On Supreme Court Double Standard

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Give it up Harry…

NBC Meet the Press host Chuck Todd clearly brought the Tim Russert tactics to his interview with Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, who bizarrely claimed his career has been dedicated to preventing obstruction.

Todd played a 2005 clip of Reid on the Senate floor: “The duties of the United States Senate are set forth in the Constitution of the United States. Nowhere in that document does it say the Senate has a duty to give presidential nominees a vote.”

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Then he noted: “And yet, 11 years later, you wrote this: ‘The Senate’s constitutional duty to give a fair and timely hearing and a floor vote to the president’s Supreme Court nominee has remained inviolable. I guess I’m confused. Which is it? What has changed from 2005 when you said, ‘There was nothing in the Constitution that said a vote,’ to 2016?

Reid replied “What I have tried to do during my entire career in Congress and in the Senate is to get rid of obstruction. And what we’ve found the last eight years especially with Republicans, Boehner first and McConnell, is everything was obstructed. That was what they set out to do. And they’ve done a good job of it. But we have always tried, and I have been part of that for many years, to get rid of obstruction. I don’t believe in it.” More

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