Cinderella Gets Tested for STD’s In New Sex-Ed Awareness ‘Art’

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Nothing is sacred to left-wing activists, least of all that which is held dear to young children. Rather, those are the best things to exploit.

Never missing an opportunity to distort children’s stories to indoctrinate the next generation, liberals have now co-opted Cinderella to push sex education.

This past January Forbes magazine and the Huffington Post publicized a new “Cervical Cancer Awareness” campaign created by writer and sex-ed speaker Danielle Sepulveres and artist Maritza Lugo.

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While the cause sounds noble enough, the content featured in the campaign is anything but as it depicted Cinderella getting tested for STD’s.

Forbes contributor Tara Haelle touted the campaign, writing that “even Disney princesses need to take responsibility for their reproductive health.” Newsbusters extrapolated the pertinent details of the Forbes feature:

According to Haelle, Sepulveres “became frustrated” after trying to pitch stories for Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month in September. As a result, she took “a new approach to catch people’s attention” in January. That new strategy consisted of showing that Disney princesses have (consequences after) sex too. More

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