Class Warfare Idiots Paint ‘Death To The Higher Cla$$’ Messages On Texas Home

Class Warfare Idiots Paint 'Death To The Higher Cla$$' Messages On Texas Homes


Class Warfare Idiots Paint “Death To The Higher Cla$$” Messages On Texas Homes…


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PLANO (CBSDFW.COM) – Vandals have left several Plano homeowners with costly repairs along with questions about a motive behind the messages.


The Plano police issued a crime watch bulletin for neighborhoods near Parker Road and Custer Road after reports of graffiti on homes.


Danny Hansard was pulling out of his driveway when he noticed the words “Death to the higher cla$$” spray painted on his garage door.


“I didn’t take it as a threat,” he said. “I take it as someone who may have some hate for people.”


Hansard said at first he wasn’t going to report the incident to police, but then he started hearing about other neighbors whose homes were also hit by similar vandalism.


On the back of Fred Wilkinson’s home was spray painted “ritard wuz here” along with an obscenity in what appears to be the same red paint.


“It certainly makes you feel violated,” he said. “If they’ll come into your yard and do that, then what else will they come in your yard and do.”


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