Climate Change ➠ The Only Enemy Obama Wants To Obliterate

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Climate Change, The Only Enemy Obama Wants To Obliterate

Via NY Post:

President Obama is less than stalwart in the fight against ISIS and doesn’t seem overly concerned about Vladimir Putin’s predation in Ukraine or China’s aggression in the South China Sea.

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It is the fight against climate change, an allegedly dire threat to the nation’s security, that brings out his inner Churchill.


In remarks to the Coast Guard Academy commencement on May 20, Obama pledged his undying hostility to climate change and his determination to fight it on the beaches and in the fields. He called it “one of the most severe threats” we face and “an immediate risk to our national security.”


President Obama is to climate change what Cato the Elder was to Carthage.


He hailed the Coast Guard for building more fuel-efficient cutters and the Marines for deploying with portable solar panels. It was one of the most insipid calls to arms ever made by an American commander in chief, and there is unlikely to be much competition until President Elizabeth Warren rallies the US Navy against income inequality.


From the president’s urgency, you would think that climate change is beheading American hostages and taking over large swaths of Middle Eastern countries, toward the end of establishing a hostile empire.


The reality is that, even accepting his premises about the state of the science, he can only point to laughably tenuous connections between climate change and national security. More

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