Clinton Ally Purchases Planned Parenthood Left-Wing PR Firm


A few months ago, big-wig liberal PR firm SKD Knickerbocker was hired to represent Planned Parenthood amidst the crisis of undercover videos which showed its medical officials engaged in the trafficking of organs harvested from recently aborted children.

The firm first sent a memo to the media asking them not to run the story. Then their client shut down its website (except, conveniently, for the donations page) while claiming it was under attack by anti-abortion extremists.

And now, they get rewarded a few months later with a mega-million dollar buyout courtesy of Mark Penn, a close advisor to both both Bill and Hillary Clinton’s respective presidential campaigns. Penn’s investment firm, The Stagwell Group bought the firm, and SKD Knickerbocker is also closely linked to the Democratic party, having represented President Obama, New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo, and others.

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SKD Knickerbocker’s managing director Hillary Rosen said during the last presidential election cycle that Ann Romney – who raised five sons  – had “never worked a day in her life.” Anita Dunn, another managing director, was White House communications director and senior adviser to President Obama’s presidential campaigns, and told a high school audience that her favorite philosophers were Mother Theresa of Calcutta and Chinese Communist leader Mao Tse Tung.

Must be a vast right-wing conspiracy with all these dollars for uber-liberal PR firms, huh?

HT: Allen West Republic


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