All Four Initiators Of Trump Collusion Probe Were Paid By Hillary Or Clinton Foundation Donors

All roads lead directly back to the Clinton Crime Family

As the saying goes “Follow the money…”  and the money always leads to Hillary or the Clinton Foundation.

Think about this… In any normal year, something like this ridiculous dossier would have been immediately dismissed as just opposition research. But in Trump Derangement Syndrome world, it actually sparked years-long investigations. We knew all along it was crooked Hillary. Why didn’t the FBI?

On February 5th this story broke by Ryan Saavedra at The Daily Wire:

On Monday The Hill reported that Alexander Downer is a former Clinton associate.

Rep. Devin Nunes tweeted about this development on Monday night.

The Deep State FBI didn’t tell Congress that the Australian who initiated the Russia probe is connected to the Clintons.

Hillary’s spokesparrot “she didn’t know.”

Today it is clear that all of the Trump-Russian collusion propaganda was tied to the Deep State and Clinton Crime Family:

1. The anti-Trump dossier was bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC
2. Hillary’s crooked confidant, Sidney Blumenthal, was a source for Christopher Steele’s anti-Trump dossier.
3. Bill’s crooked friend Alexander Downer was source for the bar room discussions with George Papadopoulos that was fed to the Deep State FBI.
4. We now know ALL FOUR initiators of the Trump-Russia Collusion investigation were paid by Hillary Clinton or were donors to the Clinton Foundation.

What is new is that the Australian gave the Clintons $25 million. Read more at TGP.

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