Clinton Hack Blames Fox News For Hillary Woes ➠ Then Megyn Kelly Takes Him To Truth School ➠ Video

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Watch: He Blames Fox News For Hillary Woes, Then Megyn Kelly Takes Him To Truth School

Bill Burton is currently a hotshot political consultant for a big PR firm that, according to its website, specializes in promoting abortion rights, same-sex marriage, and anti-gun activism. But, you may remember, Burton used to be one of the front men for President Obama’s progressive agenda — he was White House deputy press secretary under Robert Gibbs for a couple of years.

Keeping his hand in the game of trying to spin winning stories for Democrat politicians, Burton recently appeared on The Kelly File with an astonishing claim about the cause of Hillary Clinton’s woes. He told Megyn Kelly that the blame for the “cloud of corruption” that hangs over Hillary’s head can be laid at the feet of, you guessed it, Fox News.

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Despite the many reports critical of the former secretary of state in the liberal media — with The New York Times often in the lead — Burton took what turned out to be a weak, off-target shot at Fox News and conservative politicians.

As coverage on BizPac Review of the Burton-Kelly exchange noted:

Former White House deputy press secretary Bill Burton appeared on “The Kelly File” mainly to defend the Democrat frontrunner for 2016 from another “phony scandal” — charges she used bad intelligence on Libya from her friend Sidney Blumenthal, a man the Obama administration wouldn’t allow Clinton to hire at the State Department, who had business interests in Libya. More

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