Clinton: I Will Tell the Truth About Benghazi ‘Until I’m Elected President’

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Clinton was asked by an undecided voter how would she would handle the issue of Benghazi in the general election as well as work with Congress if she were elected president.


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Clinton quickly blamed the Republicans for constantly bringing up the terrorist attack on the American consulate and said that was the only reason it was still an issue. Clinton was secretary of state when the attack occurred in 2012, and her handling of the consulate’s security has been a subject of political debate ever since.

She added that there were eight other investigations into the Benghazi attack but that we should not point fingers and focus more on protecting Americans abroad.

She also talked about how after 9/11, Congress put together a commission to figure out what had happened, how to prevent it from happening again, and then moved on.

Clinton called using Benghazi against her “partisan” and “media-driven.”

“So look, I understand that they will try to make this an issue. I will continue to answer, and my best defense is the truth, and that’s what you will hear from now until I am elected president,” Clinton said. More

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