‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Family Suing For $15 Million… Pay Up Or Else!


Parents of the infamous “Clock Boy” Ahmed Mohamed – the Texas Muslim teenager arrested when teachers mistook his homemade clock for a makeshift bomb – has demanded at least $15 million dollars from the city of Irving and the school district in order to prevent a subsequent lawsuit.

In two letters from the Mohamed family’s attorneys, the city of Irving has been asked to pay $10 million dollars while the school district has been asked to pay $5 million to make up for damages caused by their son’s wrongful arrest. If they do not comply, the family will file a lawsuit in 60 days.

“Understandably, Mr. Mohamed was furious at the treatment of his son – and at the rancid, openly discriminatory intent that motivated it,” said the letters. 

The Mohamed family has since moved from the United States and is now living in Dola. Upon the incident going viral, mainly because the left saw it as an opportunity to bludgeon conservatives with their multicultural agenda, Ahmed has since enjoyed a trip to the White House and received praise from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The family has also enjoyed traveling the world to meet with high-profile dignitaries in several (totalitarian) Islamic countries, such as Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, a man accused by the International Criminal Court of committing genocide and crimes against humanity during the Darfur conflict. 

According to Youtube user Thomas Talbot, Ahmed never actually built a clock, but rather took a standard “commercial alarm clock” and simply “removed the plastic case.”

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