Clueless Millennials Have ‘Astounding’ Answers to Citizenship Test Questions (Video)

They are only college students, so what do you really expect? Too busy “learning” that socialism and communism will save them from a life of working hard, and if they cry and throw tantrums like little children, they will get what they want.

Is it time to purge all the liberal teachers and administrators out of our school systems?

CT: If you’re a clueless millennial and you see Fox News‘ Jesse Watters on your campus, here’s what I would advise you to do: run. Run as fast as your Bernie-loving legs will take you. Just drop that avocado toast and flat white and fly back to your dorm.

Unfortunately, some of our nation’s Millennials are about as good at recognizing faces as they are at recognizing facts. Thus, they get on camera, open their mouths and remove all doubt regarding their idiocy status.

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In a profoundly dispiriting clip from last year — re-aired by Watters in “commemoration” of the Fourth of July weekend — the Fox News host asked Arizona State University students basic facts about America from the U.S. citizenship exam. More

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