CNN Anchor Blaming Trump For Her Child Being A Bully At School

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No actually, your child and maybe you are responsible for his behavior.

Via Daily Caller:

CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield is blaming GOP frontrunner Donald Trump for her child’s bad behavior at school.

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In a parent-teacher conference this week, the teacher told Banfield that her child is calling other kids names. But not just any name, but one TV viewers have heard relentlessly fly out of Trump’s mouth: LOSER.


In an interview with actor Michael Kelly, who plays Doug Stamper, the murderous Chief of Staff to President Frank Underwood on House of Cards, Banfield confided that Trump has effectively taken ahold of her household.


“Look, I have to be honest with you,” she told Kelly, who is a Hillary Clinton supporter and as disgusted with Trump as Banfield is. “I just had a parent -teacher conference yesterday and my fifth grader’s teacher said my son is calling some other kids loser. And we have our TV at home on all the time. I’ve tried to say these are not the kinds of words you’re allowed to use, but it’s tough.” More

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