CNN Harasses 70-Year-Old Lady Over Pro-Trump FB Group Targeted By Russian Troll Farm (Video)

CNN sent reporter Drew Griffin to grill an elderly woman who “unwittingly promoted a Russian-coordinated event on Facebook.”

CNN has sunk to an all new low. We honestly didn’t think they could get much lower… Obviously, We were very wrong.

So, we guess CNN was unable to locate any of the people who participated in the Russian organized inauguration day protests?

Daily Caller reports:

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The woman, Florine Gruen Goldfarb, had no idea that her Team Trump Broward County Facebook page was targeted by Russian operatives, but that didn’t stop Griffin from haranguing her anyway.

Griffin showed up to Goldfarb’s home in Pembroke Pines and, microphone in hand and TV camera in tow, proceeded to grill her about the Russian operation.

Griffin acknowledged that Goldfarb was likely unaware that her group was targeted by Russians. And in a tweet of the two-minute interview, CNN acknowledged that she “unwittingly promoted” a rally orchestrated by Russian trolls. […]

But Goldfarb was more focused on who actually attended her rallies.

“Those people weren’t Russians. I don’t go with Russians,” she said at one point.

“Those people that were with me were all Trump supporters,” she added.

“And all apparently following the direction of Russians who were actually infiltrating,” Griffin replied.

“B.S.,” said Goldfarb.


CNN’s antics don’t stop here this week.

In a segment broadcasted Monday, CNN senior correspondent Matthew Chance is shown digging through dumpsters outside the St. Petersburg, Russia building that special counsel Robert Mueller alleges troll farms interfering in the 2016 election operated out of. Shame on you CNN. Read more at TGP.

Oh, how I wish they would have tried this at my home. I have never been afraid of confrontation, sometimes much to my husband’s dismay.

Twitter responds:

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