CNN Reporter Gets Tear Gassed After Trump Protesters Cause Chaos In Phoenix (Video)

Looks like Phoenix police didn’t “stand down.” Well done!

These communist protestors will guarantee a 2020 win for Trump. As always, the only time violence occurs during a free speech assembly is when DEMOCRATS cause it. They hate freedom so much they attack it. 

Is it obvious to CNN yet that the trouble, problems, and violence are caused by the Antifa crowd, not Trump supporters?

TGP: CNN reporter Gary Tuckman was at the wrong place, at the wrong time tonight, as he struggled to report what was happening on the ground after being tear gassed by Phoenix police.

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Real Clear Politics reports: CNN’s Gary Tuckman, a correspondent on the ground in Phoenix, could barely speak to anchor Don Lemon after he got tear gassed.

“All of our faces are burning, all of our throats are burning,” Tuckman reported.

“There were some water bottles thrown at police and the next thing we felt were the burning tear gas,” he explained.

Earlier, another CNN reporter nearly got hit by the lit end of a smoke grenade after protesters chucked water bottles at the police.

From the scene:

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