CNN’s Don Lemon Holds Up Sign With The N-Word On Air


CNN’s Don Lemon Holds Up Sign with the N-Word on Air

CNN anchor Don Lemon came under heavy social media fire last night after holding up a sign with the N-word. Apparently, Lemon was trying to make a point or engage his audience on race, but instead he became a trending topic on Twitter.

Lemon held up a picture of the Confederate flag and asked “Does this offend you?”

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And then Lemon held up a different sign and this one had the word “NIGGER” written on it. He then asked his audience, “Does this offend you?”

Rather than being celebrated for a provocative invitation to discuss racial relations, the trending phrase on twitter was “Has Don Lemon Lost His Goddamn Mind?” which was also the title of a Gawker story on Lemon’s TV segment.

Lemon’s move brought both horror and mockery from the social media crowd.


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