CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Hypes ➠ ‘Fox News Is A Favorite Of ISIS’


CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Hypes: ‘Fox News is A Favorite of ISIS’

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria inserted a thinly-veiled shot at Fox News Channel during his Monday special on ISIS. Zakaria underlined that “the angry rhetoric of cable news fits right into the script [of ISIS].”  He continued that “CNN makes an occasional appearance” in the Islamist terrorist group’s propaganda, but then played up that “Fox News is a favorite of ISIS, with commentators who demand boots on the ground – playing into ISIS’s dreams of a grand battle against America.”

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Zakaria led into his barb at his channel’s competitor by noting that “ISIS also manipulates us – television news. They put their videos online; we put them on television. And in a bizarre twist, ISIS turns around and makes clever use of what it sees on TV.” He then played clips from the extremist organization’s videos, as he used his “angry rhetoric of cable news” and “favorite of ISIS” lines.

It should be pointed out that Zakaria (who endorsed President Obama in 2008) included a clip from liberal author Thomas Friedman, who likened ISIS’s propaganda to CNN: “They were raised on Twitter. They were raised on YouTube. They were raised on Facebook. ISIS is CNN to somebody’s home TV. These guys are very sophisticated. ” More

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