CNN’s Foreman Frets Over Confederate Flag ➠ Inserts Nazi Comparison


CNN’s Foreman Frets Over Confederate Flag, Inserts Nazi Comparison

Friday’s The Situation Room on CNN ran a report by correspondent Tom Foreman fretting over the Confederate flag’s presence in a part of the South Carolina capitol grounds that is reserved as a tribute to the state’s history.

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Even though the report acknowledged that the flag is padlocked into place so that it cannot be flown at half staff in times of tragedy, Foreman still worried over the fact that the flag has not been lowered after the Charleston church massacre as he began the report:

Even in the wake of overwhelming sadness, even amid charges of horrific crimes, there it is. The Confederate flag flying above the grounds of the South Carolina capitol while outrage erupts below.

After a soundbite of the NAACP’s Cornell Williams, Foreman added:

The U.S. flag was ordered to half staff, but the rebel flag remained high, padlocked into place. Why? State law. In 2000, civil rights activists successfully lobbied for a larger Confederate flag to be removed from the capitol dome. But in exchange, all other tributes to the confederacy, including the flag on the capitol lawn, became untouchable without an override by two-thirds of the state legislature.

After a clip of an unidentified man defending the flag as representing Southern heritage, the CNN correspondent highlighted an incendiary tweet from actor Charles Pierce comparing the Confederate flag to the flag of Nazi Germany. Foreman:

Opponents equate that to defending what Germany did under Hitler. Actor Wendell Pierce from The Wire tweeted, “The Nazis are responsible for the autobahn & advancing rocket science. Do we fly the Nazi flag to remember that ‘heritage’?” It’s an old debate.

The report ended with Foreman taking heart in the state of Texas refusing to allow the state’s license plates to include the flag, but then lamented that nine other states allow the flag on some of their license plates.

Maybe times have changed. Just this week, the U.S. Supreme Court said Texas can deny a request for license plates featuring the Confederate flag. But nine other states still allow it on their plates, including South Carolina, even as opponents are pushing a symbol of their own: “#TakeItDownSC.” More

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