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Comedian Who Said Vile Things About Sarah Palin ➠ STUNNED When He Meets Her And She Does This!




Louis C.K. has hardly been shy in crafting obscene, offensive jokes about former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and her family, working them into his standup routines and as fodder for his popular Twitter account. The outspoken comedian and actor went on a rant against the Tea Party favorite during what he prefaced by announcing was fueled by excessive amounts of alcohol.

His vitriol is not manifested solely through booze-fueled tirades, however, as he demonstrated in an interview during which he viciously disparaged both Palin and her special needs son, Trig.

“I hate her more than anybody,” he confirmed in the interview.

Though he made his opinion abundantly clear in these and other forums, C.K. recently admitted to radio host Howard Stern that he had a change of heart after meeting Palin at a recent event commemorating the 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live.

“She says, ‘Hey, I think you’re terrific,’” he said of the encounter. “’I think you’re really funny and my nephew told me I have to say ‘Hi’ to you and you’re the one guy I have to meet.’”

At that point, C.K. explained he had the sudden urge to apologize – something he claims to have never done because of the content in his act.

“Something came over me emotionally,” he said, “and I said, ‘Well, I owe you an apology.’” More

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