Communist Mob Occupies Chicago Symphony Center… Demands Free College (Video)

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Hundreds of student Communists targeted the Chicago Symphony Center on Saturday night. They want free stuff.

The activist mob harassed concert goers. They said they want the billionaires to “face the music.”

Two hundred and fifty students and activists with the IIRON Student Network and IIRON occupied the Chicago Symphony Center at 220 S Michigan Ave, demanding that rich donors push Governor Rauner to not only reinstate higher ed funding in Illinois, but also treat education as a right by making public college tuition-free for all IL students.

Hundreds of student protesters targeted the Chicago Symphony Center tonight just as a performance was about to begin.


This was organized by the IIRON student network. They say they wanted to send a message to wealthy CSO donors like Sam Zell and Ken Griffin — to push them to use their influence with Governor Bruce Rauner to restore cuts to higher education in Illinois.


The group of students also planned to drop a banner inside the concert hall.


Dozens of students were able to get inside the CSO shortly before a concert started at 8 o’clock tonight.


The protest was quickly disbanded and the concert continued, but the students made their voices heard, calling attention to how the state’s budget crisis is impacting low income students and the universities they depend on — like Chicago State.

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