Republicans Target Citibank’s $700 Billion Contract Over ‘Anti-Second Amendment Policies’

A baker can’t refuse to bake a gay wedding cake, but Citibank can refuse to finance gun store purchases? When a company’s mission becomes one to silence free speech, it’s time to silence that company.

Conservatives need to push back hard. Please contact your representatives and the White House to make this stick. Don’t just write a letter asking. Demand they lose the contract!

Daily Caller:

Sixteen Republican congressmen are asking the General Services Administration (GSA) to reevaluate a $700 billion contract with Citibank as a result of the the financial institution’s “anti-Second Amendment policies.”

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The congressmen, led by Indiana Rep. Todd Rokita, sent a letter to GSA Administrator Emily Murphy on Wednesday, asking her to terminate the contract in response to Citibank’s March announcement restricting its clients participation in gun sales.

“In 2017, the General Services Administration (GSA) awarded Citibank a contract of more than $700 billion to partially implement the federal charge card program, SmartPay 3,” the congressmen wrote in the letter, a copy of which was obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“Because of Citibank’s new guidelines targeting customers wishing to exercise their legal Second Amendment rights, we urge you to cancel Citibank’s participation in the SmartPay 3 contract, and award it to a company that does not unfairly restrict a customer’s constitutional rights,” it reads. More

Letter to GSA Re. Citibank With Sigs by Peter Hasson on Scribd

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