Contest Winner Disqualified After Company Finds Out She Supports Trump

There’s a good lawsuit here… Political opinion was not a condition of their contest. Open & shut case because it’s discrimination and breach of contract.

Political free speech is a Constitutional right. This company violated her right to freely express her political beliefs.

TGP: Wichita makeup artist Gypsy Freeman was very excited to win the Kat Von D Instagram makeup contest.

 The winner and her guest would be flown to California to attend the launch party of a new makeup line.

But after Kat Von D discovered she was a Trump supporter they disqualified her. An Instagram post showing support for President Donald Trump apparently disqualified a local makeup artist from a national contest.

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Gypsy Freeman, who splits time between Wichita and Florida, last month was declared the winner of an Instagram contest sponsored by Kat Von D Beauty, according to screenshots taken by Freeman.

The winner of the Saint + Sinner Contest – and a guest – was to be flown to Los Angeles to attend the launch party of a new makeup line from Kat Von D, perhaps best known for her role on “LA Ink.” The approximate value of the prize package, which included a $500 gift card to Sephora, was $2,100.

To enter, Freeman submitted an Instagram image of an angelic figure beside a girl in an all-black outfit and thick mascara.

When Freeman was announced as the winner, curious Instagrammers went to her page and found a pro-Trump post from Election Day last year.

That evening, she received a direct message from Kat Von D’s personal Instagram account, telling her the celebrity had “drawn a personal line in the sand between myself and anyone who supports that man,” according to screenshots of the conversation.

“My launch party [and my brand]celebrates many things that Trump is against,” the celebrity went on to say, according to the screenshots. “And I just need you to know that I personally have a hard time with inviting anyone who would support such an anti-feminist, anti-homosexual/LGBT, anti-immigrant, and anti-climate change fascist such as Trump.”

@katvondbeauty @mercyhanna_15 #SaintandSinner #KVDContest Photography and water/milkbath concept @jennbischof Model @numinous.model MUAH/wardrobe @facesofgypsy #kvdcontest Foundation @temptu As Hamlet said to Ophelia, ”God has given you one face, and you make yourself another.” The battle between these two halves of identity…Who we are and who we pretend to be, is unwinnable. “Just as there are two sides to every story, there are two sides to every person. One that we reveal to the world and another we keep hidden inside. A duality governed by the balance of light and darkness, within each of us is the capacity for both good and evil. But those who are able to blur the moral dividing line hold the true power. -Emily Thorne

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“The rules state that any legal U.S. resident 18 or older was eligible to win and could enter by submitting a “Saint and Sinner inspired” makeup look.” Sounds like a breach of contract for taking away an award fairly judged and presented for reasons that are purely subjective.

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