Cop Killer Led Holy Muslim Prayer Meetings At High School


A fifteen year-old Muslim boy of Iraqi-Kurdish background went to mosque on Friday then shot an Aussie police employee in the back of the head.


Witnesses said the boy “looked joyous” and was screaming, “Allahu Akbar!”

Killer teen Farhad Jabar

The attack was a suicide mission.

The Muslim boy picked up the gun at holy mosque for the shooting.

Now this… Farhad Jabar led holy Muslim prayer at high school.

The Austrailian reported, via Religion of Peace:

A TEENAGER arrested in yesterday’s dawn raids is friends online with radical Muslims, including one who said: “Death shouldn’t be taken easy for by Allah death is just the beginning … Act now. Time is running out.”


Last year he was ordered to attend a “youth conference” after driving past a Western Sydney school yelling “kill the Christians” and waving an IS flag out the window.


He was arrested with his brother yesterday and police suspect the pair were the go-betweens who put the gun in the hands of his classmate, teen terrorist Farhad Jabar.


The Arthur Phillip High student was also at the school with a 17-year-old boy arrested on Tuesday for allegedly intimidating and threatening police online.


A social media account believed to belong to the 16-year-old arrested in Wentworthville yesterday is linked to one-eyed, Osman Haouchar, who recently fled to Turkey to work in refugee camps.


Another of his friends said on Friday, two hours before the terror attack that left police employee Curtis Cheng dead: “The whole world has invited themselves for a piece of the pie of Muslim blood. A message to all those nations who think they have plotted.


This is just the beginning by Allah the end of your kingdoms will be in the Sham (Syria) by the will and the plot of the true king Allah.”


Other friends have posted extremist comments in recent days, including prayers to Allah, asking that their final words before death are the “shahadah” (an Islamic creed) and calling for Muslims to marry young…


…One Year 7 girl said she was regularly labelled a “slut” by extremists at the school. “(Jabar) was really creepy,” she said.


Another Year 10 student said Jabar used to conduct prayer meetings at the school, which have since been ­cancelled.

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