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Couple Forced To Take Down Missing Dog Fliers After Being Threatened With Massive Fine

Couple Forced to Take Down Missing Dog Fliers After Being Threatened With Massive Fine

Washington, D.C., dog owners Roger and Annemarie Horowitz are taking down the missing dog flyers they posted around the city earlier this month, but it’s not because they found their four-legged friend, Ollie.

Image source: WRC-TV

Image source: WRC-TV

Roger Horowitz had taken their pooch for a walk March 30 when Ollie was spooked by a car that backfired. Horowitz lost his grip on the leash and Ollie took off, WRC-TV reported.

Just like that, the dog the couple had only recently adopted was gone. Ollie’s previous owner had abused him and when the Horowitzes got him, they noticed he’d had been shot.

“So he has about 23 pellets still in his back,” Roger Horowitz said.

In order to find him, they did what anyone with a missing pet might do: They posted fliers on light posts and telephone poles around the city, hoping that someone might recognize him. They said police even encouraged them to post the signs when they went to file a missing dog report.

So imagine their surprise when they got a call from a police officer telling them that if they didn’t take down the signs, they could be fined $750,000. More

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