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Cruz ➠ ‘Jade Helm’ Outcry Is ‘Natural Consequence Of Untrustworthy Fed Gov’t’

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) gestures as the key speaker at the annual Reagan Republican Dinner in Des Moines, Iowa, Friday, October 25, 2013. (David Peterson/MCT via Getty Images)

Cruz: ‘Jade Helm’ Outcry Is ‘Natural Consequence of Untrustworthy Fed Gov’t’

Doug McKelway reported on “Special Report” about a large-scale domestic military exercise that is sparking a lot of concern among Texans.

“Jade Helm 15″ is scheduled to take place this summer in seven Western states, including Texas. reports:

It involves training exercises on private and public land – while such exercises are hardly unique, even the military acknowledges the “size and scope” of this one sets it apart.


While the White House and Pentagon are downplaying concerns, this hasn’t stopped a barrage of blogs and tweets warning about whether the federal government is preparing for “martial law.” Even actor Chuck Norris is keeping his “eyes of a ranger” on the situation.


Western-state officials are now caught between a desire to calm their residents – and yet not appear to stoke any conspiracy theories.

Some websites have jumped on the fact that the military said soldiers would practice operating in “hostile” territory during “Jade Helm.” More

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