Cruz: “Media Tries To Twist The Question Of Marriage” Into A Battle Of Emotions

Cruz 'Media Tries To Twist The Question Of Marriage' Into A Battle Of Emotions


Cruz: “Media Tries To Twist The Question Of Marriage” Into A Battle Of Emotions…


Not only that, but gotcha sound bites. All liberals base every single thing off emotions…

Via CNS News:

Ted Cruz, speaking with conservative radio show host Hugh Hewitt on gay marriage, said, “… what the media tries to twist the question of marriage into is … a battle of emotions and personalities.”


“What matters more,” asked Hugh Hewitt, “knowing if a candidate for the presidency will attend a gay wedding, or whether he and she, he or she will destroy the Islamic State before it throws hundreds, if not thousands, of more gay men to their deaths from towers? What matters more?”


“There’s no doubt the latter does,” answered Ted Cruz. “But look. That’s part of the ‘gotcha game’ the mainstream media plays, where they come after Republicans on every front, and it’s designed to caricature Republicans, to make them look stupid, or evil, or crazy, or extreme. And it’s because, sadly, most media players are not actual, objective journalists. They are active partisan players. Right now the mainstream media are the Praetorian Guard protecting the Obama presidency, and there is no group on this planet more ready … for Hillary than the mainstream media.”


“We need to focus on what matters,” stated Cruz. “The American people care about jobs, growth and opportunity. The American people care about defending our constitutional rights. And the American people care, as you rightly noted, about restoring America’s leadership in the world and defending this nation. ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism poses an enormous threat to this nation, and we need clear-eyed, strong leadership to stand up and defeat radical Islamic terrorism, and to be willing to call it by its name, which, sadly, the current president is not willing to do.” More


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