Cruz Supporters Planning to Launch ‘Ted Cruz Air Force’

Cruz Supporters Planning to Launch ‘Ted Cruz Air Force’

A group of zealous supporters of Sen. Ted Cruz’ (R-TX) 2016 presidential run is planning to launch a ‘Ted Cruz Air Force’ (TCAF) in the coming months prior to the Republican primaries that begin in less than a year.

According to TCAF, “Ted Cruz clearly has the support of the grassroots. He will also have air support.”

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TCAF says its most prominent air feature will be the “Ted Cruz Blimp,” but it also plans on recruiting “antique aircraft, towed aerial banners, light sport aircraft … [and]parachutes.”

Member of TCAF Jerry Collette says he’s going to do everything he can to help Cruz win the GOP nomination.

“I support Ted Cruz because, like Ron Paul before him, Ted Cruz stands on principle, even if people on both sides of the aisle oppose him for doing so,” said Collette.

According to Collette, he’ll be joined by several members of the team who launched and operated a blimp for former Rep. Ron Paul during the 2008 GOP primaries.

“For every dollar we spent operating [the Ron Paul blimp,]we earned $10.00 worth of publicity.”

Cruz’ campaign has yet to comment on the group’s plan.

blimp-horse Ted Cruz Air Force



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