Cuomo’s Post-Santa Fe Attack on Trump Gets Fiery Response From Grieving Mom

Cuomo got more than he bargained for when he went after President Trump in the wake of the Santa Fe school shooting.

Andrew Cuomo just like all liberals are totally ignorant to the real world. They have no common sense and wouldn’t recognize the truth if it hit them in the face. Unfortunately, they are affecting many in our nation like a plague.



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The fact that while Cuomo’s state seems intent on enforcing its draconian gun policies, it’s not terribly interested in enforcing laws against the kind of bullying that might lead to shootings like this.

Six years ago, WCBS-TV reported that New York passed the Dignity for All Students Act, which “requires school districts to report material incidents of discrimination and harassment — including cyberbullying — to the New York State Department of Education.”

However, a 2017 audit found that many districts weren’t complying with the law — and, according to Maureen Fitzpatrick, it cost her son his life.

“Dear (Andrew Cuomo) Your current Bully Laws are not enforced,” she tweeted. “Your police don’t arrest students that commit assault 3 & harassment on school grounds like they are supposed to. Do Something. Mother of Danny Fitzpatrick died by suicide. Maureen [email protected]

In her tweet, Fitzpatrick included a letter from her son describing the bullying he endured and how school officials did nothing, even after her son was assaulted by bullies. More

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