Dan Bongino: Comey Is An Embarrassment To The FBI: “He Should Really Slither Away”

Former FBI director James Comey compares President Trump to a ‘mob boss’ in an interview. Former Secret Service Dan Bongino agent is sounding off.

Truth has never been stated better. Comey is a complete disgrace to the FBI, attorneys, and as a human being. He reminds me of a spoiled child, sitting in a corner sucking his thumb with his little “blankey.”


Political commentator and former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino called former FBI Director James Comey “an embarrassment to the FBI,” on “Fox & Friends” Monday, for the way he’s handled a feud with President Donald Trump.

“For a guy who’s 6’8, Jim Comey could not have looked any smaller last night [on ABC’s “20/20″]. What a petty small man,” Bongino said. “A mob boss? When I was a Secret Service agent … we use to go in the boss’ office all the time. And he would say, we’re in this together. It’s a team. Inferring that there should be some loyalty to the Secret Service and the cause.”

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“Jim Comey went out there and used expressions used everyday in private and public practice across America. And to use it to infer that the president is a mob boss. To compare him to killers. People involved in racketeering. What a disgusting thing to say,” Bongino concluded. “Jim Comey should really slither away. He is an embarrassment to the FBI.”

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