DCCC Leader REFUSED To Answer if Democrats Will Abolish ICE

By refusing to answer the question, he told us everything we need to know.

DCCC Chair Ben Ray Lujan joined Martha Raddatz on ABC’s This Week.

Rep. Ben Ray Lujan would not come clean on whether the Democrat Party will abolish ICE if they gain power in November.

Martha Radditz: I want to ask you about that. What about that move left? To abolish ICE?

Rep. Ben Ray Lujan: Republicans, House Republicans…

Martha Radditz: I want to go back to ICE. Is that a good message for the Democrats? Abolishing ICE?

Rep. Ben Ray Lujan: Republican…

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Martha Radditz: I had to stop you right there. You had a fair chance to make your arguments.

Only 25% of Americans want to abolish ICE… And they’re all on the far left.

Democrats are seeking to destroy America in an effort to cover up their long trail of criminal activities. As Americans it is critical we do all we can to vote each one of them out in November and 2020. Time to drain the swamp.


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