Dead Broke Hillary’s Net Worth Is Over $30 Million!



Her investments in cattle futures paid off.

Via Politico:

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What Hillary Clinton and her husband, Bill, pay in local property taxes on two luxury homes ($104,303) is twice the income of an average family.


She earns more for a 20-minute speech to an industry trade group than a dozen fast-food workers make in a year.


Her book royalties last year brought in $5 million, part of the couple’s $30.5 million in income.


The Clintons are far from the “dead broke” couple, as she has described, who left the White House saddled with debt after Bill Clinton’s presidency. In fact, they now rank comfortably among the top one-tenth of the top 1 percent of earners.


Her net worth is $32,015,000, according to POLITICO’s analysis of her most recent financial disclosure.


The Clintons financial turnaround is largely due to Bill Clinton turning on the money-making faucet immediately after leaving office — but it was always Hillary Clinton who was more concerned with the family’s finances and wanted them to earn money to pay off their debts. Raised by a strict father who owned a small business, she always wanted a safety net, but Bill Clinton rarely spent time worrying or thinking about financial security.


When Bill Clinton served as Arkansas attorney general, Hillary Clinton was building a nest egg: Her $1,000 in cattle futures with an adviser turned into $100,000 in less than a year. She played a more central role in the couple’s involvement in the Whitewater land deal, the source of many of their future legal troubles. More

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