Dear Burglars, Get A Job! Six-Year-Old Girl Writes Letter To The Thieves Who Ransacked Family Home

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A schoolgirl has written an open letter to burglars telling them to ‘get a job’ after they stole her child-size Pandora bracelet.

Holly Crabtree, six, penned the letter after thieves broke into her home in Willenhall, Walsall, and ransacked the bedrooms, taking £3,000 worth of goods.

The heartbreaking letter tells the burglars how she does not feel safe in her home anymore, and that they are ‘not following Christian values’.

Holly tells the thieves: ‘The way to get money is not by stealing, the way you get money is by getting a job,’ after they took the bracelet, given to her for her baptism.

The family first realised they had been burgled after they found their cat, Lily, inside the house despite putting it out before going shopping in while the family were out on a shopping trip to Bicester outlet village, Oxfordshire.

They thoroughly went through everything in the bedrooms, even her mother’s underwear drawer, and stole goods, including her brothers’ Playstation 3, Xbox, and an iPad. More

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